Monday, July 30, 2018

#amsterdamcanals Days Go By

Summer is heating up here in Amsterdam, the city is in full party mode Mid Summer plus Pride and music festivals are making this city a must experience for the lovers of fun.
The city is getting crowder with visitors and locals a like.
I just had a nice visit from my friend Joao and together we had a lot of fun, lots of good food, boat rides and some of the night life, something I had not done for a while.
When you live in the centre of the city your world gets smaller everything is a 5 min walk away.
Now a days when I get friends visiting I make sure I see with them other wonderful parts of Amsterdam.
Its fun to go around and look at the city planning, the parks the buildings and the transport system some very old others very new.
I did not have time in the spring to do a big cleaning in the house, but now with the high heat its hard to start I will do it later in September.
There as been a big increase in pollution from all the human activity, lots of plastic and other materials are being thrown on the streets with no regard to where they will end up.
Lots of the stuff will end up on the canals, its hard to go over a bridge without noticing how dirty the canals are.
I have started picking up the plastic from my street, I was doing it yesterday and a couple of my neighbours decided to join in 20 min we had 3 bags full of plastic and a smile on our faces.
There is a small attempt by some brave people on boats to clean some of the rubbish on the canals, I guess the city government is doing its best as well but the battle is very big.
Maybe we need to educate the tourists and locals on how to be more considerate with their waste.
I think there is a big opportunity for Amsterdam as a city to show the capitals of the world how to manage the increase of tourism and at the same time reduction of pollution .
That is pretty much what I had to say, all is well in my Amsterdam and let the fun continue.
Happy Summer to all from Amsterdam My City My Life


Amsterdam Schinkle 


Amsterdam Canals 

Friday, June 22, 2018

#amsterdam TGI Friday

Its Friday morning and I just got up, the weather was looking good but slowly its getting grey and windy. Change of plans maybe some late lunch and some house cleaning in place of laying in the sun at he Vondel Park .
I watched the news until late last night, its dreadful what's going on in the world so much anger and misery. Lots of injustice lies and deceit. but at the same time we in the west are going through a time of prosperity the more money we make the more we get greedy and become afraid it will run out some day even children are being used as pawns in this game of chess .
The World Cup is going great so far for some countries, Portugal is doing well but the way its going some teams are looking strong as well, some interesting games coming up in the next weeks.
Happy weekend to all and greetings from Amsterdam My city My life.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#amsterdamcanals MMaxi2018 Sping time

Amsterdam my city my life lazy Tuesday nice weather to stay in and check on the various blogs I created for over a decade maybe it’s not a bad idea some I can’t even remember how to find them the one on Opera platform is totally gone but my favourite ones I still check in once in a while last time I posted  here was 4 years ago a lot as changed and then again not much as changed I got older I guess had some health issues liver remains a problem but I take it all in my stride Love and I have been together officially over 20 years I worry about him time flies so fast the age difference can some times weigh heavy on my mind and I’m sure it weighs heavy on his mind as well we try to spend a lot of time together the boat helps but it comes with responsibility maintenance and cleaning Love can’t easily step on the boat and you need a good back and legs to stand hours steering  next month in July I will be more active on the water my sweet cat Maxine as past away after 17 years it was a very sad period in my life I miss her every day I sometimes look and see her from the corner of my eye I still have Max he is 8 years old and now the king of the house things I would like to do coming summer include some visits to the local museums make more photographs probably post more blog posts mostly at
Time to go back to my daily routine happy summer to everyone


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Its been a year

It as been a year since I last posted anything, but i will try to do better the coming year, 2015 with lots of random words, thoughts and phrases plus a few new pictures, drawings and paintings.
First I need to find a bit more inspiration hopefully.
Almost time to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015.
Here is maybe one of the last pictures of 2014 last day out of Gaivota in Amsterdam.
Greetings world and Happy Holidays.


Amsterdam London Police

Urban Amsterdam

Gaivota last trip 2014

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Amsterdam Days Go By

Amsterdam Summer Days Go By

The freedom party is in full swing
young and old united with one goal
 we all are free to be *oneself.

Happy Pride From Amsterdam

Amsterdam Homo-monument 


 *in one's normal and individual state of body or mind; not influenced by others freedom to be oneself.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Amsterdam Summer Days Go By

Random words and Images

The Summer Days are here

Sunday June 30th. Words from my Diary.

It is warm and it feels good when I'm on the canals playing Captain on the high seas.
Gaivota is sailing smoothly, Ouder Kerk Aan De Amstel  was a pleasure to visit.
Nice lunch, perfect company, and a sweet village, perfect place for Photos and away from Urban Stress.
Now I will first try to go across on the ferry, to get an ice cream then its back to Amsterdam and have a well deserved nap.  Nice.

Here are some photos and Happy Summer Days


Gaivota on the water

Amsterdam Swan 

Herengracht Amsterdam

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel


OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel

OuderKerk Aan de Amstel


Monday, May 6, 2013

Amsterdam Days Go By

Random Thoughts And Images

The Orange Storm is a distant thing, life as returned back to normal here in Amsterdam.
Time flew very fast the last 2 weeks, a new King, Dodenherdenking, Bevrijdingsdag, Ajax Kampion, New Friends, Flowers, lots of them! Stedelijk Museum were I saw fabulous things, and for the first time got close to a Mondriaan, Nice!

Now monday is here, all is quiet But not for long.
Tonight Ronnie O' Sullivan will play Barry Hawkins for the final of the World Snooker Championship 2013, Time to make me some Pasta sit down and see the Rocket versus the Hawk.

Greetings from Amsterdam, here are some Images I took along the way.

Told You Lots Of Flowers