Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amsterdam My City My Life

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The white carpet of snow as melted away and so did the ice on the canals
After heavy rain the wind is blowing hard now winter is slowly fading into spring
It feels like it is going to be windy and wet this Spring but it could be the opposite
Now a days the weather is impossible to gamble with
I want to make myself go out and continue the painting lessons
But I'm exhausted from Urban Stress at the moment meaningless things that take too much
Time to sleep maybe tomorrow all will be brighter
Greetings from Stormy Amsterdam


Here is how it is outside at the moment 

                                                       Amsterdam 1 minute MMaxi13


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amsterdam MMaxi13Winter

Amsterdam MMaxi Random Words

Days Go By

Winter 2013 is here a carpet of white snow misty air but not unpleasant as well

I wanted to go to the painting lessons but with this cold it is not easy so I will stay home drink some hot

lemon tea Maybe a piece of dark chocolate to accompany the tea

I hope that will do the trick

Would be nice to feel good enough and take a few winter photos and be less lazy

We will see tomorrow

Here are some pictures took them from inside where is always warm

Happy winter