Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#amsterdam Days Go By

Amsterdam Days Go By

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New ideas, do not come easy.
It's hard to sit down and begin to write, specially if you are a non reader like me.
Why is it that as soon as I pick up a book my mind goes blank.
Calligraphy was even worse I never liked the way I wrote, my fingers had difficulty standing still long enough to circle an a.
When I write something down like my diary or the shopping list I use capital letters.
Now a days I write on the pad,it as become a lot better.
It looks nice and tidy no more fear that what I write down will not be understood.
The night as come, tomorrow I will clean the carpets with my new cleaning machine.
I still need to learn how to use the machine.
Time to start doing some reading, working manual.
Good night from Amsterdam



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