Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#amsterdamcanals MMaxi2018 Sping time

Amsterdam my city my life lazy Tuesday nice weather to stay in and check on the various blogs I created for over a decade maybe it’s not a bad idea some I can’t even remember how to find them the one on Opera platform is totally gone but my favourite ones I still check in once in a while last time I posted  here was 4 years ago a lot as changed and then again not much as changed I got older I guess had some health issues liver remains a problem but I take it all in my stride Love and I have been together officially over 20 years I worry about him time flies so fast the age difference can some times weigh heavy on my mind and I’m sure it weighs heavy on his mind as well we try to spend a lot of time together the boat helps but it comes with responsibility maintenance and cleaning Love can’t easily step on the boat and you need a good back and legs to stand hours steering  next month in July I will be more active on the water my sweet cat Maxine as past away after 17 years it was a very sad period in my life I miss her every day I sometimes look and see her from the corner of my eye I still have Max he is 8 years old and now the king of the house things I would like to do coming summer include some visits to the local museums make more photographs probably post more blog posts mostly at http://madeiraman.blogg.org/
Time to go back to my daily routine happy summer to everyone


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