Friday, July 13, 2012

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MMaxi12Summer Random Words Thoughts And Phrases

It is already Friday night in Amsterdam another weekend is starting.
It feels like a slow weekend, maybe go out on the boat or play some pool, probably both.
It looks like the rain falls mostly during the day, at night is dry and chilly a bit, Nice.
I will be going to the organic market on the " NoorderKerk " tomorrow.
Something I have been doing now for a long time, I must remember not to buy too much this week.
Soon will be just me and the cats in the house.
Not for long, only for 2 weeks then the house will be full of life once again.
I tried to fix my boat cover today after someone decided to vandalize it.
I noticed that the fire extinguisher was stolen as well.
What kind of person sees a boat laying there peaceful on the canal and thinks "This shall be my sleeping room tonight, and tomorrow morning after a good night sleep, I will make sure to break a few things steal a few things, I don't get it, Not Nice.
I guess I'm going through end of the week Urban Stress, Maxine will make it all better and I shall have a good night sleep with her nearby purring and protecting me, Nice.
May it be a good Summer weekend for everyone.





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