Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amsterdam Days Go by

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 I got up earlier than usual it must be because I am a year older today.
No great plans for today, except to have my usual birthday breakfast of a cup of coco and a cheese toast a tradition that I have been observing since my18th when I arrived here in Amsterdam all those years ago.
This morning I will open my presents always a nice thing, and in the evening I am going to cook dinner for a few close friends,  Nice.
It is nice to wake up and see all the messages for a happy birthday, one of the few things I like about FB.
Later this morning I will call my Mother and Father and thank them for the gift of life, then check the boat, maybe even go for a ride on the canals the weather is very nice.
Last year I was in Ardmore Ireland at the Cliff House Hotel, that was a nice day, Spa and walks on the beach then dinner at a fabulous Michelin * hotel restaurant not bad.
But I am sure that the pasta I am making this evening will be as good,  Nice.

I wish everybody a happy day today. Thank you all for the happy birthday messages.

Here are a few photos one from last year and some from this morning.

Claudio and Cats Amsterdam September 4th 

Last Year 

Max September Morning

Maxine September Morning 

The Gifts 

Max and wrapping papper 

Opening birthday gifts 

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