Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nossa Senhora do Monte 

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Amsterdam Days Go by 

Tuesday 14th August

Today is turning into a nice day here in Amsterdam, all morning and afternoon was Dark and Humid but the skies have cleared up and the sun is shinning, Nice.
" Love " is on the Gaivota  sailing the canals with a visiting friend from La la Land but I stayed home today.
I would like to start clearing some stuff in the house, things pile up fast I guess I'm what they call a hoarder.
A friend told me that if you haven't used something for 6 months get ride of it.
Maybe if I make a list of things I don't need, then decide what to throw away. Sounds good.

Wednesday 15th August

Not much happen today in Amsterdam, I went out for some shopping, got a new track suit.
Not really my favorite pass time "Shopping"!
To much to choose from, and being small does not help.
Plus shop assistants tend to make me uncomfortable with their forced smile and sometimes unhelpful questions.
But eventually I did find something.
Now that I have the clothes maybe I could take the next step and start some kind of training regime.
I'm doing all this because I am starting to feel that I spend to much time indoors.
 I need to cut on the tobacco and the spliffs as well, maybe that is a more realistic reason.

Today in Madeira they celebrate the festivities of our Lady Of Monte, patron saint of Madeira.
I just realized that I have not been in Madeira around this time of year for more than 20 years.
I remember as a kid to get so excited when this day arrived the 15 of August, My father would drive our family to my grandmothers meet the rest of the family, grandmother lived right next to the church and we could see from her patio the thousands of people walking up the steps to the church most on a pilgrimage to ask a favor or to repay a promise to Our Lady Of Monte.
some just to have fun eating " Espetada " slices of beef on a spit made of the laurel tree seasoned with sea salt and lots of garlic barbecued on hot wood charcoals, then accompanied with " Bolo Do Caco" home made bred cooked on a hot stone.
The men would spend all day and evening playing cards and drinking my fathers home made wine, while the women would gossip in the kitchen with a lot of sweet liquor.
Life as changed a lot since those days, grandmother is not there anymore and the family is spread through out the corners of the world including myself.
So another year, another august 15th that I spend away from my family.
Madeira tonight my thoughts are with you, and may Our Lady Of Monte keep us all safe.

Time to sleep now, maybe watch a Agatha Christie's Poirot and fall asleep to the sound of "David Suchet" voice.

Tomorrow I'm free no baby sitting thanks to school holidays.

Sweet Dreams from Amsterdam 


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