Monday, August 13, 2012

Amsterdam MMaxi12Summer

Random Words Thoughts and Phrases

The Summer is slowly coming to an end the temperature is still warm but you can feel the cold air approaching
Gay Pride was fun feels a long time ago, the Olympics in London came to a close at the same time as a Meteor shower can be seen in the Northern Night Sky and Gaivota sailed smoothly through the Amsterdam Canals all Summer long, lots of Laser 3.14, No complains so far, may it continue for the next few weeks.
Soon the green will turn into yellows reds browns greys and Autumn will once again make is mark.
My birthday is coming up and soon will be time again to go back to the Painting Lessons
I already know what are the Colors I will be using I still have no idea how I will be showing them.
Time to rest now, a new week starts.
Sweet Dreams from Amsterdam My City My Life.


Here are a few photos from the Gay Drag Olympics and 25th anniversary of the HomoMonument

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